“You will never know who YOU are until you know who GOD is.” – Ethan Fisher

“What if “Eden” is a frequency not just a geographic location?” – Bob Hamp

“Leaders who refuse to listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing significant to say.” – Andy Stanley

“How can I lead people into the quiet place beside the still waters if I am in perpetual motion?” – Eugene Peterson

“Boundaries are not simply about protection. They are about wholeness. Boundaries define your identity.” – Bob Hamp

“The purpose of God is bigger than the brokenness of man.” – Reverend Samuel Rodriguez

“The size of your praise is directly proportional to the hell that God took you out of.” – Reverend Samuel Rodriguez

“Worship is love expressed. Prayer is love encountered. Intercession is love engaged!” – Pastor Mary Jo Pierce

“When you give God EXACTLY what He asks for HE gives you EXACTLY what you need.” – Pastor Tim Ross

“Your ‘connections’ will never give you as many opportunities as your obedience.” – Pastor Preston Morrison

“Social justice without spiritual justice isn’t justice. It looks like love, but the greatest gift has been withheld.”

“To live in joy every day means to keep ourselves in the presence of God every day.” – Angela Thomas

“Whatever we avoid, the devil will invade.” – Rich Wilkerson

“Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.” – C.S. Lewis

“Our love grows soft if it is not strengthened by truth, and our truth grows hard if it is not softened by love.” – R.W. Stott

“If you look up to you…you will look down to others.” – Pastor Robert Morris

“You are not defined by the hell you are going through, you are defined by the Heaven you are going to.” – Samuel Rodriguez

“Joy is an attitude that stems from one’s confidence in God.” – Charles Swindoll

“What we don’t reveal cannot be healed.” – Christine Caine

“If your title is something you relish in more than being a son or daughter of God, you have an idol.” – Pastor Tim Ross

“Jesus didn’t come to make you functional, he came to know you.” – Zach Neese

“If you have a message that can truly add value to th people of this fallen, ever-darkening, and dying world, do not be surprised if the world around you attacks you in the same areas you teach. It is its last ditch effort to resist being invaded by your uplifting, enlightening, and life-saving gifts.” – Keith L. Bell

“If we don’t get our identity from God, we will demand it from people.” – Pastor Marcus Brecheen (Gateway Church)

“God writes straight with crooked lines.” – Joan O’Brien

“Joy is not a feeling. Joy is a decision. Joy is the steel rod going down your back that holds you in place during times of trouble.” – Holly Wagner

“God will take seed from every sorrow and plant it in the soil of your tomorrow. He will extract something from your pain and put it into a promise for your future.” – Charlotte Gambill

“It is truly a liberating thing when you no longer seek, need or desire the approval of man to do the will of God. Often times, God will not allow someone to give you what you think you need from them, in order for you to learn to get it only from him.There are people that should have, and could have applauded you, encouraged you, supported you and celebrated you, but did not. There will come a day when you will thank them for not doing what they should have done when they could have done it, because now you know that God is with you, for you, beside you, and he alone has opened doors that no man can shut. He chose & promoted you.” – Christine Caine

“If you have to manipulate to get your position, you will have to manipulate to keep it.” – Pastor Robert (Gateway Church)

“If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” – Unknown but advice given to me by my son

“Don’t make your dream your goal over God’s will because you might end up settling for your dream and miss your destiny.” – Tony Evans

“Putting a chocolate milk label on a bottle of poison – I don’t know what is more dangerous, the poison in the bottle or the Christians changing the label.” – Christine Caine

“Don’t pray beyond your level of obedience.” – Joan O’Brien

“The boundaries that God places around us are not restrictive or corrective; they’re protective and freeing. His boundaries aren’t punishments; they’re blessings!” – Jack Hayford

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