Hebrews 6:19We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”

Webster dictionary defines an anchor as “a heavy device that is attached to a boat or ship by a rope or chain and that is thrown into the water to hold the boat or ship in place.”

It further identifies an anchor as “a person or thing that provides strength and support.

In Hebrews 6:19, the author uses the term anchor because it was a very relevant object used in the lives of first century Christians. An anchor’s function was easily understood and the absolute importance of it was very apparent.

Likewise in today’s culture, the term anchor holds the same understanding and functional importance.

Believers throughout the centuries have used anchor as a way to describe the grounding effect a relationship with our Creator has to all aspects of life.

As we anchor into the grace and mercy God delightfully bestows upon His children, we are provided protection from drifting aimlessly through life searching for a safe harbor that cannot be found.

As I have grown in my faith over the years, the understanding that only God can be a true anchor in this life has become a foundational truth for me. If my thoughts, words or actions are not rooted (anchored) in the living God, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, then they truly hold no eternal value.

Imagine my surprise when, although confident I was anchored properly, I found myself confused and disappointed at certain points in my faith walk.

Impatience began to walk hand in hand with my enthusiasm for writing projects to blossom.

Disappointment settled into my soul when I perceived my spiritual progress slowing.

Confusion crept into my spirit as I wondered if I was focused on things I was truly called to do.

My anchor was properly in place, yet I felt like I was drifting out of place.

I prayed about my feelings, and reaffirmed to God that my desire was to dwell in His shelter and rest in His mighty shadow.

I believe He acknowledged my prayers as I sensed His peaceful approval concerning the direction I was walking in.

But He also impressed upon me that, although my anchor was in the proper place, I was allowing myself to be swept into areas of spiritual life that He had not yet prepared me for. I was walking outside of the timing (and the areas) He had ordained for me.

I received a mental picture of me tethered to an anchor by an unusually long rope.

I chose God as my anchor and received blessing from that, but I also allowed myself to choose the length of rope that attached me to my Anchor.

Because I allowed that rope to stretch into places that I truly was not spiritually ready for, I drifted into areas that housed impatience, confusion and disappointment.

I made the choice to allow myself access to places that God knew I would be overwhelmed by. Places that I was not spiritually mature enough to understand and act properly upon.

I believe the length of our ‘rope’ that extends from the Anchor is tied to our spiritual maturity.

As we press into God and learn all that He desires to teach and empower us with, He lengthens our ‘rope’, which in turn allows us to venture into the new places, experiences and opportunities that are ordained by Him.

We often believe that as long as we are truly anchored in the Lord, it is safe for us to ‘lengthen’ our rope as we see fit.

But Proverbs 16:9 reminds us that “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”

A desire to serve God with our whole heart and soul is what believers strive for, but we must be mindful that all aspects of the relationship must be submitted to Him.

We cannot ‘decide’ to walk into an area because it seems appealing to us, or offer help in a situation when the timing is convenient for us.

We must be called or directed to the areas that God has ordained for us to bring His life and love to. It is within this act of submission of our will that the spiritual climate on earth is impacted for the glory of God.

God showed me that my intentions were good, and He was pleased I was submitted to Him as my source of life. But He also allowed me to experience the consequences of stepping past the boundaries of His placement and timing.

If impatience, disappointment, confusion or any other feelings that dim the desire to live out faith begin to fill your soul, check the length of the ‘rope’ that anchors you to the Savior.

Ask God if you have drifted outside of the scope and timing of the ministry the Lord has for you.

Ask God to give you a renewed vision for the season you are in.

Ask God to help you retain your focus on the Anchor and submit the length of rope He has provided to you.

Once done, you will know your soul is firm and secure in the Good Father and He will lead you to your ordained places in His perfect timing.